Whoopie Sling

$ 39.99

Lightweight, extremely strong and adjustable, whoopie slings are the perfect addition to your slackline rig.   Ideal for individualizing your anchor or backing up/securing your purelocks, weblock, rigging plate or just hanging a hammock.  Whoopie Slings are a nearly must have for every serious slackliner.


Whoopie Slings are adjustable length slings made from 1/4″ amsteel.   Adjustable from 0.5 meters to 2 meters in length, extremely lightweight and exceptionally strong, whoopie slings are ideal for individualizing anchor points of a highline or rigging a long line in the park!

A nearly must have for all serious slackliners, the versatility of the whoopie sling in a variety of rigging situations is hard to match and carrying a few can be extremely useful.  Whether you need to extend your pullies, individualize a connection or just hang a hammock in a tree, SlacklifeBC always packs at least a few whoopie slings on every adventure!


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